Hard to find Electronic repair parts
Record player needles, record player / phono idler and drive wheels, phono and tape recorder belts, 45 rpm adapters, and audio accessories for all brands!
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Brand Part # Short Description PHOTO Entered Price ($ USD)
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SP051006100 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SP051006200 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SP051006300 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SP051006400-1 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SP051006500 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS UI-12 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS TMS93537CT-A SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-14 8.50
NTE Electronics NTE505 HV diode2011-02-01 24.95
NOKIA M41EHN323X140 17 Inch CRT2009-01-14 125.00
NEC 782-PS42D8-200C Power supply2012-11-16 219.99
Motorola 2SA72 Transistor2010-12-02 12.95
Mitsubishi 935D7620 PRE-AMP2011-10-20 25.00
Mitsubishi 93B9190.01 CIRCUIT BOARD2011-10-20 225.00
Mitsubishi 934C1100 CIRCUIT BOARD2011-10-20 125.00
Mitsubishi 129P070A20 FOCUS SCREEN DIVIDER 2011-10-20 75.00
Mitsubishi 930B9200 CIRCUIT BOARD2011-10-20 125.00
Mitsubishi 934C1060 SKT6R12011-10-20 35.00
Mitsubishi 930C1060 SKT6B1 CIRCUIT BOARD2011-10-20 35.00
Mitsubishi 934C1060 SKT6G1 CIRCUIT BOARD2011-10-20 35.00
Mitsubishi 259P039-10 CRT2011-10-20 175.00
Mitsubishi 259P39-30 CRT2011-10-20 175.00
Mitsubishi 259P39-40 CRT2011-10-20 175.00
Mitsubishi 330P294-20B USED DEFLECTION YOKE2012-11-16 65.00
Mitsubishi 350P26602 LV Power Xfmr2009-12-24 99.99
Mitsubishi 330P20904 YOKE R-B2011-04-07 84.99
Mitsubishi KPC3294V0 PCB2017-04-21 99.99
Mitsubishi 915P020010 DLP Lamp2015-01-30 100.00
Mitsubishi 934C260.04 Main board2015-12-13 150.00
Mitsubishi 915P061010 Lamp2015-12-13 79.00
Mitsubishi 915P061010 Lamp2015-12-13 50.00
Maxent rc-282 Remote control will work for most maxent tv.2010-04-08 25.00
Magnavox 312121830161 FBT/LOPT2010-08-10 49.99
Magnavox 483514067154 FBT/LOPT2010-08-10 69.99
Lorex TMD-45A59 Transformer2010-11-03 79.99
LG SPI 8TC00141 SMT TRANSFORMER (Flatron Monitor Power Supply)2010-04-12 8.50
LG EAT60665201 T-CON board2010-10-20 45.00
LG EAY36675701 Main Power Supply2013-12-22 95.00
LG EAT56805601 T-Con Board2014-10-09 70.00
LG AGF34976001 Main Board2014-10-12 120.00
Lexmark 40X4194 Fuser Unit2007-02-13 1.00
JVC PU53826-2 SPACER NEW PART2012-11-16 1.10
JVC QLP3104-1200 CASSETTE SENSOR LAMP. NEW PART2012-11-16 12.00
JVC QLP3104-110 CASSETTE LAMP, NEW2012-11-16 9.99
JVC QFZ0083-683 MYLAR CAPACITOR, NEW2012-11-16 1.56
JVC PUS45904A BRAKE BAND, NEW2012-11-16 5.75
JVC PUS45896 IDLER ASSY.NEW2012-11-16 6.50
JVC PUS29724D VCR HOUSING. NEW2012-11-16 28.00
JVC PUS29499C VCR HOUSING NEW2012-11-16 31.00
JVC PUS25762A SWITCH NEW2012-11-16 27.50
JVC PUM30003-8 BELT, NEW2012-11-16 0.97
JVC PU7033 TIRE, NEW2012-11-16 1.35
JVC 22155520 HEAD SHELL/CARTRIDGE, NEW2012-11-16 19.50
JVC TMS93264CT-1 SMT TRANSFORMER (LCD TV )2010-04-14 8.50
JVC CJ26245-00C FBT/LOPT2011-02-16 199.99
JAN [Military surplus] 5BP1 Ocilscope CRT2010-12-21 110.00
JAN [Military surplus] 3AP1 3 inch Ocilscope tube2010-12-21 85.00
Iomega DA-30C01 AC Adaptor2009-09-25 39.99
Insignia BSC24-2422AB Transformer2011-05-14 69.99
ILO e22582 Tuner assy.2010-01-27 39.00
ILO 6632L-0117H Master inverter2010-01-27 35.00
ILO 6632L-0118H Slave inverter2010-01-27 35.00
IBM 74730102538 FBT/LOPT ~ 13.2KV2010-07-30 99.99
IBM B180503 FBT/LOPT2010-07-30 149.99
IBM MSU1FDU61 FBT2012-01-08 69.99
HP 5083-9083 CRT2010-12-20 150.00
HP 5083-9023 USED CRT Ocilscope Tube 5 inch Diagional Measure2010-12-20 75.00
Hitachi BWO2492 HV transformer2010-07-30 119.99
Hitachi BW00631 TRANSFORMER - FBT2015-10-03 249.99
Harber Breeze UC7067RC Remote Ceiling Fan Controller w/ Remote2009-12-10 49.99
Hantarex AT2076/51 FBT / LOPT2011-04-27 99.99
Groove tubes GT6L6GE Pentode2010-03-29 9.95
GE (General Electric) 5MB3 Vintage Selenium Rectifer (Used-Good-Condition)2010-10-27 50.00
Fujitsu MB3712 Audio amp IC2010-07-15 12.95
Emerson 1FSA10474 Backlight Inverter2011-06-20 45.00
Emerson A8AF7MPS Main Board2011-06-20 60.00
Emerson 1ESA17767 T-Con2011-06-20 80.00
Emerson BA8AF0F01023-3 Control Button Assy.2011-06-20 20.00
Easysmx BD-2428 USB Cable2017-04-21 7.95
DELL 80LL15T-7-DN-332 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 8.50
DELL G33M02 Motherboard2018-04-26 9.99
Daytek BP-200AD SMPS PCB2009-12-21 69.99
Darfon 4009A TRANSFORMER2010-04-12 16.95
Darfon 4011A-413003 SMT TRANSFORMER (OHM 1000)2010-04-12 8.50
Darfon 4011A-439006 SMT TRANSFORMER (OHM 1400)2010-04-12 8.50
Darfon 4013L SMT TRANSFORMER (Inverter)2010-04-12 8.50
Darfon 4014L SMT TRANSFORMER (Inverter)2010-04-12 8.50
Darfon 4015A SMT TRANSFORMER (Inverter)2010-04-12 8.50
Darfon TMS92779CS 1G-3A TRANSFORMER2010-04-12 16.95
Daewoo PEXSMSD035 XSUS PCB2009-12-16 25.00
Daewoo 502301010084 PCB2015-10-19 0.04
Daewoo 50240401000Q Motor2015-10-19 0.12
Daewoo PKMPMSF200 PCB2011-06-03 59.95
Daewoo RM269 Magnetron2011-10-25 39.99
Daewoo 47C440BNG-3FC2 IC CHIP2011-11-30 14.95
Daewoo DCF-1580 Line Output Transformer2012-01-08 99.95
Daewoo RM228 Magnetron2015-03-27 39.99
Compaq 370490-001 Fan assy2009-07-23 9.99
Compaq HFT847 Repair kit2013-09-13 89.99
Cables, connectors and switches 56-414-001-HD-ND Connector2017-09-01 9.99
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