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Brand Part # Short Description PHOTO Entered Price ($ USD)
LG EAT60665201 T-CON board2010-10-20 45.00
SEMICONDUCTORS (ACTIVE) LC7210 Tuner IC2009-07-22 29.99
Lexmark 40X4194 Fuser Unit2007-02-13 1.00
Westinghouse ViT70004.50 Back Light Inverter bd.2011-01-04 57.95
Maxent rc-282 Remote control will work for most maxent tv.2010-04-08 25.00
Polaroid MLT070AX Power Supply PCB2008-01-14 99.99
Toshiba 23148024 Hyper Module2006-11-26 0.01
Brother OP-4CL OPC Belt2009-07-31 24.99
Sharp RUNTKA538WJN1 Master Inverter Board2011-12-10 45.00
Samsung TMS91365CT SMT TRANSFORMER2010-04-12 8.50
Samsung TMS91904CT SMT TRANSFORMER2010-04-12 8.50
Sharp DG100015100 LSE 0215 SMT TRASFORMER EFD252010-04-12 8.50
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SEC2021-01 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 9.51
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SEH1936-01 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 9.51
OEM SMD TRANSFORMERS SIH1507-01 SMT TRANSFORMER inverter use only2010-04-12 9.51
BENQ 19.26048.001 SMT TRANSFORMER (MONITOR)2010-04-14 8.50
Darfon TMS92779CS 1G-3A TRANSFORMER2010-04-12 16.95
Sharp TMS93532CS SMT TRANSFORMER , CCFL Inverter / backlight 2010-04-14 8.50
Toshiba BZ614055 Remote2008-12-23 16.00
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