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Parts-Link: Pioneers in electronic parts resources. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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·  How does a buyer make a purchase?
·  What are the merchant policy terms for online purchases?
·  How are payments made to me for items sold?

·  How does a buyer make a purchase?

If the seller is using Paypal, there will be a paypal button to use to continue checkout. Otherwise there may be special instructions to follow in the item description such as a phone number or fax number to use to process the purchase. Not all sellers prefer paypal and only accept other purchase alternatives that are described in the items detail page.

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·  What are the merchant policy terms for online purchases?

Our primary goal is to 'link' buyer to seller by subscription process as described in our objective, however we realize many sellers would prefer an online purchase process, so we have provided one. Each item purchased on our site has its own ' return or guarantee' policy located on the item description page, along with a shipping policy. If a buyer initiates purchase via one of the provided purchase agents, they are agreeing to these terms. Most of the time, we are not involved handling any of the payment processing, and any concerns or disputes are to be initiated via the corresponding purchasing agents policy. Occasionally, a seller may be using our (Parts-Link) Paypal account to accept the payment (if they do not have their own). In that case , we would have a small responsibility to the buyer and seller (in the event of a dispute) to attempt to clarify or resolve problems on a case by case basis, usually by making a post in our forum. Any seller using our Paypal checkout system agrees to a 3% deduction from the overall transaction amount in order to offset costs involved and provide this as a service to our sellers.

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·  How are payments made to me for items sold?

If we are using our Paypal checkout system to help you accept payments, you will need to choose this in your settings, and provide banking account information where the deposits would be sent to. Once this information has been provided, parts-link will make 2-3 small deposits to the account within 2-5 days. Take these amounts from the bank statement, and enter them into the corresponding location within the chosen purchase agent in your settings. If they match, you will be setup to accept payments using our system.

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